What is YOUR future of Las Tres Xemeneies?

How can you make it happen?

An invitation to Co-create a proposal to the Les tres Xemeneies.

Invitation for a Working-laboratory to co-create a coherent, viable and exciting proposal for the usage of Les Tres Xemeneies to deliver a proposal by the end of the year 2018

By: Besòs para Besòs - a Kaospilot Working Lab Group based on Social Lab Strategy, a way to solve complex social challenges with a diverse group of stakeholders

Who can participate?

The workshop is aimed to collectively work on a proposal - this involves mapping and bringing small and big ideas, as well as thinking about how to make it come to reality. That means all fields and all perspectives are welcome and valuable.

Please, if you know someone who has knowledge, interest, time to support this process, forward this invitation.
To participate you need to register online. See link below.


The working groups will be held in Spanish. Translation to english is available.


Workshop 1: 24th of November 2018, 11:00 - 16:00 o’clock (including 1 hour lunch break)

Workshop 2: 1st of December 2018, 09:00 - 13:00 o’clock (including 1 hour lunch break)

Workshop 3: 11th of December 2018, 18:30 - 21:30 o’clock

Showcase: 14th of December 2018, 18:30 - 21:30 o’clock

The workshops build on each other’s work. You are welcome to come to any you can.

The work will be carried out at: Ar-Coworking Sant Adrià, Av. d'Eduard Maristany, 85-87, 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona.

Sign Up & Contact

Here you can sign up: www.besosparabesos.org

For question and contact you can write us here: besosparabesos@gmail.com

If you know of someone we should contact to support this, please let us know.


Co - Create a coherent, viable and exciting proposal for the usage of Les Tres Xemeneies with a diverse group of people.

the project

Besòs Para Besòs—Take ownership of your Xemeneies


Besòs para Besòs is a voluntary participatory action lab that works to socialize and recover las Tres Xemeneies. The aim of the lab is to complement the current plans, drafted by the Generalitat of Catalunya, to transform the littorals into an economically driven space.

We believe that the monumental and unique building must be recovered and socialized into a space that cultivates local initiatives, culture activities and social relations–to develop a strong local identity.

The participatory action Lab (PAL) is a strategy for creating immediate impact to a complex challenge. It is designed to quickly equip and deploy teams of people when solutions are needed. It is an independent, on-the-ground, strategy to quickly mobilize and activate local citizen to take part in the development of their land.



How can we transform las tres Xemeneies and the littoral of Sant Adria de Besòs for the inhabitants of the area to grow socially and economically?

The Lab convenes a group of local change-agents interested in making real social change on an issue they care deeply about, and deploys them into focused teams with a coordinated and aligned strategic direction.

Once the group is convened, they are led through a series of learning and creative exercises that help them more deeply understand the context in which they are working with to come up with new, more effective ways of impacting their neighborhood.

The Grove Lab-A Next Gen. Social Lab, South side Chicago

The Grove Lab-A Next Gen. Social Lab, South side Chicago




Are you curious to know more about the project? Would you like to collaborate? Let us know – we're happy to connect.

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A cross-collaboration of strategic design and enterprising leadership.


Ground team


Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school focusing on enterprising leadership through project, process and business design. A team of 9 kaospilots from 8 different countries is responsible for running Rapid Action Lab Barcelona.

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Georges Adda - Samer Awayez - Sophie Brincker
Mehnaaz Maleta - Morten Keiser-Nielsen - Carmen Luckwald
Frederik Niemi Helsø - Sólveig Samon -Søren Lund
also including
Miquel Piquín - Gertrud Sol - Edda Kruse Rosset - Monica Valls Remoli