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11th December 2018


The intention of the third workshop was to make the group organised so that they can work independently together with a clear strategy of how to move forward. We wanted everyone

to be up to date on what work had been done so far in between the workshops, and leave space for feedback and understanding of each others parts of the proposals - so they can come together in the end. Furthermore we used some time to prepare and organise for the showcase of the work. Almost the same people showed up again with a few new faces we had not seen before. As it was the last workshop, it was an intense program and a lot of tasks to be handled in a very short time. We had therefore planned much more than we had time to execute - so the agenda you will find below is of what we made. This has resulted in us as the Kaospilot group having to sit down afterwards to think of a strategy of how to manage the things we did not have time to execute at the workshop.


Welcome -
Check in: “A Check” is a way to make everyone arrive at the workshop-space by asking a question or doing an energizer together to arrive in this workshop space. We did both, as this workshop was placed quite late in the evening and people were arriving tired from a long day of work. We had an energizer “Clapping our body warm”

- and asked the Check-in question :
What do you wish for this group?

Introduction From the Kaospilots:  

Summing up:
We are here at the last and third working sessions hosted by kaospilots, on co-creating a proposal for Las Tres Chimeneas.

Explained the intention of this session to the participants: Make this group organised so that they can work independently together with a clear strategy of how to move forward. Introduce diamond and say that at this session we are closing the first one and opening a new one.

The Desired outcome of this meeting is to:
Everyone is up to date on what work has been done in each group. You as a collective group has taken the necessary decisions on how to organise, a common direction and a timeline and have clear next steps for the first milestone which is the Showcase.  

We have been facilitating these 3 workshops. and will leave you in the end. This workshop will therefore be about mobilizing you as a group so you can continue working without us.

Showcase explanation:
We explained the framework for the showcase to the participants with  a graphic of how the space will be set up, and delegated roles out for the preparations and hosting of the space.

At the showcase there will be 6 stations:
1) introduction
2) The area around
3) La Sala de Turbinas
4]Las Tres Chimeneas

5) Architects. We explained that there will be a fifth station with 3 french architechs who has already made an Architectural proposal for Las Tres Chimneas as a masters project. They will be coming from france bringing their models with them, for you to use as part of your proposals.
6) Exit - The future of this project.

We explained that at each station we need 1 person who will explain for 10 minutes what you have been working on. At the end of the presentation there will be a conversation with the listeners, where they can ask questions and give you feedback and ideas from what they heard. When they move on to the next station, you give hand them the A4 paper you have prepared of what you have done. The participants of the showcase will then have a paper of each station they have listened to, which will be glued together in the end when they exit the showcase. They will then have a 1st draft of your proposal, which they have collected themselves, by listening tat all your stations on the way  

Organisation in the 3 groups:

We asked them to organise in their three groups by creating a 4 minute presentation as an update about their work to the rest of the group. They then had to choose one or two spokespersons who would present it. This was a way to make them practice communicating what they had done - before the showcase.

We then had 3 presentations of each area. All of the listeners had templates they could fill out with reflections for the group on their presentation. The spokespersons would in that way get feedback from everyone after their presentation. The questions for feedback was:

What surprised me?

What would i like to see more of?

What i think the next step would be?  

What can I help you with?

Troika Consulting:
After the presentations we did the exercise called Troika Consulting from the Liberating Structures.Troika consulting is a way to receive feedback on a challenge or question you are sitting with. You split the participants of your workshop  into groups of 3 people, preferably one from each area in each group. The Way it works is that there is a "Client/challenge holder" and 2 consultants.

1) The client has 1 minute to share his/her challenge with 2 consultants.
2) the client turns his back to the 2 consultants
3) the 2 consultants now has 5 minutes to share reflections, advices and feedback on what they heard. The client takes notes meanwhile.
4) When the 7 minutes are over, the client turns around and shares for 1 minute what he/she takes with him/her from what they he/she heard.

This session is repeated 3 times until all of the people in the group has tried to be a client.  
It is a way for everyone has to get  in depth feedback on a certain challenge they have in their group or their work. We chose this too both  for everyone to get some feedback on a certain challenge they have in their group or their work, but also for them to learn this tool - as it is great to get input on how to move on if you are stuck in your work.

Break - We had a break where we took a Group Picture.

Follow up and Reflections:  What, So What, Now What.
As a way to follow up on all these reflections and inputs each individual has gotten from the rest of the group we used another tool from the Liberating Structures called What, So What, Now What:

1) What: What did you hear from the exercise? Talk in term of what has been said exactly and try to detach your interpretation as much as you can.
2) So What: So what does that mean? now interpret what was said in order to get knowledge out of it.
3) Now what: What does this mean? How can we take this knowledge further?

We made the participants answer these questions and in the “Now what - part” focus primarily on what this means of how they are going to organise before the showcase.

Check - out/ Closing  Ceremony -  As a way to close down this workshop, and all this work we ended it with a small cerimony celebrating what is about to come. To honour the ritual and what was said we will not reveal this to the public ;)

Roles :

Facilitator: Carmen Von Luckwald
Co- Facilitator: Ricard  Coperfield.

Workshop design: Georges Adda, Sophie Brincker Olson and Samer Awayes.  
Documentation: Sophie Brincker Olson and Samer Awayes
Space host: Samer Awayes, Søren Lund
Graphics and templates: Sophie Brincker Olson
Slides: Georges Adda

Time: 18.30 - 21.30 // 3 hours

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