WORKSHOP 1 November 2018 13 - 16.00


Description and Agenda

Our first workshop was about connecting with each other as a group and start working on a common proposal for the Area of Las Tres Chimeneas. Here is the agenda for the workshop followed by all the templates we used for the workshop. There was 16 people present at the workshop, who came with different backgrounds and knowledge. Most of them was participants from the official participatory process of Las Tres Chimeneas - and knew about this from the invitation we handed out at that process.

AGENDA for the workshop:


Check - In (a question to make people land in the work, and make everyone feel comfortable in the group, by making everyone say something quickly): The question we asked was:  Why are you here today, and what would you like to contribute with?

Besos Para Besos Lab  explanation - why are we here

Wind Tunnel: A tool to come up with ideas while someone else harvest. Pair up with someone you do not know if possible. 3 min each non stop talking about your personal vision of the future of the area. The other person harvests. When the three minutes are up, you do the same with the other person.

Wind Tunnel Sharing Round: We made the participants talk first in a pair and then in a group of 4 people about about the ideas that came up during the windtunnel excercise.

Walk and talk: We made the participants take a group walk to the area of 3X to create inspiration and emotional connection with each other and the place we are all working on. We had made a document template that we handed out as a conversation paper to the participants asking:

- How are you connected to this?
- what make this place unique ?        
- How can you contribute to the development?


Harvest insights: - Brought people back together after the break
Every pair from the “walk and talk” put the key answers from the walk on post-its. And put them on a big wall in two categories and share out loud in the big group.

We made two people from the group cluster them and createcategories  which got shared in the end.

Conversation Café:

Then we did a conversation café talking about the three areas in the area of the Participation process:
We had 3 tables:
- Les 3 X
- La sala de turbinas
- parc and beach

1 harvest host at each table on A3 paper
- 10 min rounds x3 (invitation to talk is: How can we include the most important themes into this area?

After 3 rounds the harvester presented what was said at the end of the 3 rounds.

Check out (to make people leave the meeting in a good way):

We Checked out with the question:
What do you take with you from today?
And by making the participants write on a piece of paper a small note to another participant that had inspired them today. They then handed over the small note to that participant while also answering the question from above.

The process was facilitated in Spanish by and external facilitator: Getrud Sol, Kaospilot Team 24  
Workshop Designed by group-members:  Georges Adda and Søren Lund.
It was documented by: Morten Keiser Nielsen, Frederik Niemi Helsø and Sophie Brincker Olson

Templates designed: Sophie Brincker Olson

Hosted: Samer Awayes & Søren Lund