1st December 2018


The intention of this workshop was to move the work on the proposal forward by organizing  into smaller working groups and breakdown the work. At the second workshop almost the same 16 people participated, with just a few new faces in the group.

The agenda of the 2nd workshop was:

  • Check in - Wall of  Knowledge
    A check in is a way to make everyone present in the room, this time we choose to do something we call “The Wall of Knowledge”.

All participants was given a template with a place to draw their face on the one side, and bullet points to write their skills and attributes they thought they could contribute with for this work on the other side. They filled it out and presented it one by one ending by putting their knowledge board on the wall. This created a lot of motivation, a great atmosphere and overview of how many skills are actually present - so people sat with the feeling of  “we can do this!”

  • Presentation from Kaospilots introduction
    We explained again who are we are as the  Kaospilot school, what are we going to do with this process, what is our role, what is the participants role. To make everyone, also new participants on the same page.

  • Presentation of findings last time.
    We presented the ideas from last workshop as an update on three posters with each area we are working with: Las Tres Chimeneas, Las Sala de Turbinas and El Espacio. On each poster we had put all the ideas from last workshops. We asked everyone for a mini ideation session, to make sure that no ideas was lost, and made them put more post-its underneath each area.  

  • Choosing topic for each area
    Then we had to choose which idea was going into each area.
    With the tool “Dot-mocrazy”, which is where every participant gets one dot they can use on the idea they like, we made the participants put a dot on the idea they wanted to work on the most. In the end we had (PLEASE INSERT THE IDEAS HERE FROM EACH AREA)

  • Working Group Formation
    The way we made people choose groups, was by asking them to go to the group they could feel they could contribute the most to with their knowledge, skills and excitement, from the knowledgewall.

    We have three groups.
    1) Las Tres Chimeneas: Roger Hoyos, Jordi Reig Reyes, Rosa y Ramon Planas, Marc Hervas.
    2) Las Sala de Turbinas: Oriol Arnal, Fausto Ramirez, Jaume Palou fausto, Montse, Antonio.

    3) El Espacio: Domingo Navarro, Laura Corcoles, Andrea Nondrami, Eduard.

  • Break

  • Working in the 3 groups
    After the break, we stepped into work in the smaller groups, making everyone sit at 3 different tables with a facilitator at each table

  • Check in at the table:

First we made them Check-in in the smaller group, to make everyone present and comfortable in this new constalation of people. We asked the question: What made you choose this group?

  • Group Alignment.
    Aligning on how to work together by reflecting on previous experiences of working in groups. The participants had a conversation about this and created a shared paper of guidelines for this work.

  • Round 1 on: what, how, why, with, for who

The group got a big paper with 5 rings and the questions in each ring..Starting from the center with the first question: What are we doing? The group moved to the outward circles answering the questions:
What are we doing, How are we doing it, With who are we doing it, and For who are we doing it - each question for each circle.
The goal was to generate as much content as possible for each category.

Practically the participants thought for 2 minutes for themselves and then shared it in the circle. This excersice was repeated until all questions had been answered.

Round 2 on: what, how, why, with, for who

The participants were invitited to do this exercise again but with the aim to narrow down and take decissions. Starting again from the center, the group moved to the outwards circles answering the questions.
In the end they had decission on: What to work on, how to work on it, why working on it, with who, and for who.

  • Aligning on how to work together + Gameplan

The participants took the headlines from round 2 and asked the question: What needs to get done so that this get's into the proposal? This created a lot of next steps to work on, that got delegated in the group through a “Gameplan”
The gameplan is a tool to visualy put up your goal for the project, and track back in a timeline what you need to get done in order to reach that goal.

  • Check out

A check out is a great way to end a workshop to making everyone leave the place and the work, and move into what is next in their day. We made everyone answer the question: What do you take with you from today.

Time: 9.00 - 13.00


Carmen Von Luckwald:  Main - Facilitator
Edda Kaospilot Team 24: Co-facilitator

Monica External Co-facilitator - Coperfield.


Georges Adda

Samer Awayes
Søren Lund

Frederik Niemi Helsø
Morten Keiser Nielsen

Workshop design:
Sophie Brincker Olson
Georges Adda
Carmen Von Luckwald